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Legalise Vaping Australia

Legalise Vaping Australia is dedicated to campaigning for the legalisation and appropriate regulation of vaping across Australia.

While the best way to eliminate harm caused by smoking is to quit smoking completely, for those who are unable to quit, moving to smoke-free products provides an opportunity for better health and an improved life. Join our campaign today if you believe in helping smokers quit for good!



Australia has some of the most expensive energy prices in the world, despite our abundance of natural resources. The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance 9 point “Cheap Energy Target” plan provides a realistic, sensible pathway to securing our future.


Sydney’s lockout laws have been devastating

Research proves Sydney’s lockout laws have failed to make our city safer, and instead have intensified crime in existing hotspots and placed unnecessary burdens on struggling business.


The time for taxpayers to raise our voices is now!

On 18 May 2019, Australians resoundingly voted in favour of tax cuts for hardworking Australian workers, and against tax hikes on renters and retirees. But the battle is not over yet.


Stop the Attacks on Press & Whistleblowers

Journalists and whistleblowers who expose corruption and abuse by state actors and government agencies are under attack.


Health Lobbyists' War on Our Wallets

Not content with restrictions and world-leading ‘sin taxes’ on our drinks and smokes, public health lobbyists now want you and your family to pay more at the supermarket every week with a draconian sugar tax, a tax hike on alcohol, and more nanny state intrusions


Stop the Government's Cash Ban!

The Coalition government wants to ban ALL cash payments over $10,000 and is threatening jail time if we don’t comply. It was suggested in a report by the former CEO of Big Four global accountancy firm KPMG in 2017 and will take effect in 2020.


Support Nuclear Energy!

Foolish decisions by successive governments mean that we are the ONLY advanced economy in the world to ban nuclear energy - the cheap, clean and reliable source of energy that is better for us and the environment.



Over $200 million taxpayer dollars each year are given to subsidise artists without any test of how successful their projects might be. This is not good enough! We need to force the Australian government to test these grants and make sure Australians are not funding artists’ pipedreams.