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On 18 May 2019, Australians resoundingly voted in favour of tax cuts for hardworking Australian workers, and against tax hikes on renters and retirees.

But the battle is not over yet.

Labor and the crossbench now support the first two stages of the government’s tax cuts package, but have not yet supported stage #3.

Make no mistake, the consequences of not supporting this important reform are dire:

·        Nearly 4 out 5 Australians will be denied tax relief which ensures that everyone earning less than $200,000 benefits from a top rate of 30 cents for every dollar we earn.

·        Hardworking taxpayers will continue to suffer from cruel income tax ‘bracket creep’, taking more hits to our hip pockets with no increase to our real wages.

·        Women seeking to re-enter the workforce and support their families will be denied opportunities to pursue career advancement, move from part-time into fulltime work, or take on more hours.

·        The economy will be deprived of a $10 billion boost to annual GDP, and $3 billion boost to consumer wellbeing, damaging our living standards and undermining our way of life.

·        We’ll all be hurt by lost productivity and economic growth opportunities, including key incentives to save, invest, take entrepreneurial risks, seek promotions, and pursue social mobility.

The time for taxpayers to raise our voices is now.

Use our form to contact your Senator to let them know that an important, fair and timely tax reform that is crucial to our continued prosperity, should NOT be up for negotiation.  

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