Save Richard Boyle!

Stop the Attacks on Press & Whistleblowers


ATO whistle-blower Richard Boyle is a hero who brought to light the egregious abuse of innocent Australian taxpayers at the hands of the leviathan ATO.

Thanks to Boyle’s revelations, we now know that the ATO had repeatedly engaged in unethical and dubious practices such as issuing garnishee orders to siphon money off taxpayers on the basis of alleged debts- often the result of administrative errors by the ATO. Many hardworking Australians were driven bankrupt or lost their family businesses as a result.

For his bravery and for sacrificing his career to protect taxpayers, the government is rewarding him… with the threat of a 161-year jail term - a more serious sentence than what murderers and rapists receive in this country.

Whistleblowers who risk their lives and careers to uphold the public interest are heroes who deserve the protection of law. Not targets for an establishment which has something to hide.

Liberal Attorney General Christian Porter has the power to intervene in the public interest and drop the charges against Richard. Yet he refuses to do so.

This Orwellian nightmare has no place in a first-world liberal democracy like ours and must be put to an end.

Use our form below to let your local representative know that the protection of those who hold the powers that be to account must be upheld- and that Attorney General Christian Porter must intervene to stop the persecution of ATO whistleblower, Richard Boyle.

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