Our Mission:


The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is an activist and advocacy organisation committed to representing the everyday Australian taxpayer. Through grassroots campaigning, we fight to oppose over-regulation, wasteful spending and burdensome taxes. Our mission is to transform our nation and build a better, freer Australia.


We Believe

We believe in protecting civil liberties, fighting against government interference in our personal lives, and putting an end to over-burdensome regulation that stifles prosperity, destroys businesses, and holds back working families. Our members believe that with a focus on common-sense tax and regulation we can build a better, more prosperous Australia that benefits all.

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Our Impact

In 2011 when the Federal Government announced drastic changes to energy policy, there was national outcry against yet another burden on Australian taxpayers. Campaigning against these radical changes marked the birth of the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, and we’ve been growing ever since. We now have over 75,000 supporters all across Australia, our message and our ideas are widely published in major national news sources Radio and TV, including on Sky News and SBS The Feed, our articles have been featured in The Australian Financial Review, The Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, The Newcastle Herald, The Hill, Quillette, Spectator, RealClear Policy, Foundation for Economic Education, Freedom Today, CapX, Quadrant, The Verdict, LibertyWorks and Online Opinion and countless other publications within Australia and internationally.

Our campaigns have impacted and ultimately transformed the policy positions of Federal and State Governments to ensure a better option for Taxpayers, businesses and Australian families. Our grass-root campaigns have activated tens of thousands of civic-minded people who want to live in a better, more prosperous Australia.




Our organisation has over 75,000 supporters who support lowering taxes, cutting wasteful spending, and reducing crippling red tape. We provide a voice for the average family and business who want to succeed and prosper in Australia.



Media hits in 2019

Our team members have been published over 120 times in print, online, radio and television news throughout Australian and international publications just this year.



chapters & affiliates

All across Australia, from our regional chapter in Dubbo NSW to our WA counterparts, the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance has grown beyond our own expectations. With monthly events held around Australia, we provide opportunities for likeminded people to gather and support one another.


Our Campaigns

Grassroots campaigning is at the heart of what we do. To find out more about each campaign or to join one of our causes, click on the links below.


Cheap energy guarantee

Australians demand action on cheaper electricity. It is sickening that we have the world's richest natural resources and the world's highest electricity prices. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We have formed an advocacy campaign around a simple, sensible, and politically realistic nine-point plan guaranteed to get power prices down.

legalise vaping

Legalise Vaping Australia is Australia’s largest grassroots campaign dedicated to the legalisation and proper regulation of vaping across Australia. We work to legalise the life-saving technology as a means to help smokers quit. 


Message from the Executive Director

If you believe in keeping more of your hard-earned money, in reducing red tape, and in fighting against the onslaught of government intrusions into your daily lives, please join the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. I have seen firsthand the impact advocacy campaigns can have, and with your help we can continue to fight against overreaching government policies.

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Get Involved

Unlike other nonprofits, the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance does not receive millions of dollars in donations from unions or shady foreign organisations, and relies entirely on the generosity and involvement of individual supporters to fight for a more free and fair Australia. There are multiple ways to get involved:

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Become a supporter today and sign up to our newsletter to receive regular updates on what our organisation is doing, and keep across the important issues of the day.



Join our growing movement and help us build a better, more prosperous and free Australia. We regularly hire interns eager to learn about classical liberal ideas and help the movement in a practical way.



Join us and meet other like minded individuals at our events. We host Liberty on the Rocks every month, run the Friedman Conference, and invite engaging speakers to our networking events.


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