Stop the Government's Cash Ban!

Do not ban cash

The Coalition government wants to ban ALL cash payments over $10,000 and is threatening jail time if we don’t comply. It was suggested in a report by the former CEO of Big Four global accountancy firm KPMG in 2017 and will take effect in 2020.

The stated ambition of that report?

To “Move people and businesses out of cash and into the banking system”

The government doesn’t trust you and neither do their advisors in the multi-billion dollar companies connected to our banking system.


Just last year, KPMG lobbied the Treasury to reduce the cash limit to $2000 and openly said they favour a “low limit, high punishment” approach to cash transactions.

This is an absolute outrage! Governments and multi-million dollar companies have no business dictating how Aussies spend their money!

Sign our petition below and tell them this is un-Australian and unacceptable!

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