MAKE SYDNEY 24/7 AGAIN: SAY NO TO LOCKOUTS! - The Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

Sydney’s lockout laws have devastated small business, caused massive job losses, and allowed the state government to tell responsible adults when it’s our bedtime.

Research now reveals that they’ve failed to make our city safer, have intensified crime in existing hotspots, and displaced much of it to Pyrmont, Newtown, and the surrounding areas.

If Sydney embraced a 24/7 economy like other world cities such as London and Amsterdam, then our economy could gain a whopping $16 billion+ boost every year.

That’s more opportunities, more jobs, more money in our pockets, and more great experiences in the city we know and love.

All we need is a bit of your help to make this happen.

After years of pressure, the NSW government are finally beginning to listen. They’ve set up an Inquiry on Sydney’s Nightlife Economy. And ending lockouts for good could be on the table.

Use our form below to reach committee members and let them know that it’s time to embrace Sydney’s 24/7 future. Support businesses, workers and responsible Australian adults who have the right to have a good time.

Repeal lockout laws once and for all.

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