Our Mission

At the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, our mission is to give a voice to the millions of Australians quietly going about their lives and paying their taxes. It is our job to stand between the greedy hands of government and the money Australians work hard to earn.

We oppose high taxes, wasteful spending, and excessive regulation, we aim to foster a more prosperous Australia that champions the rights of individuals, and we work every day to empower people - not the state.

Each year the Australian government collects billions in tax wasting a large portion of that nannying individuals instead of freeing them to pursue their dreams. Dreams which will better not only themselves but their families, their communities, and Australia as a whole. We cannot count the businesses that failed to make it past conception because of over taxation and over regulation. They died quietly as potential entrepreneurs were forced to face the reality of our burdensome system. Government does not know best when it comes to your money.